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15 Proven Steps to Increase Business by Cold Calling Part 2

15 Proven Steps to Increase Business by Cold Calling

In this post of Understand IT Now I continue the discussion started Part 1 – 15 Proven Steps to Increase Business by Cold Calling. Bringing more insightful advice to help generate new business. Here are the remaining cold calling advice topics:

   7. If you leave a voice mail be brief and mention your company website. 

   8. If possible follow-up with an email too. Check the prospect’s website for email addresses.

   9. How to get past the receptionist, AKA the Gate Keeper. The first thing I want to make clear is to never lie or mislead to the receptionist in anyway. First off you do not want to start a business relationship with any mistrust. Second if do you get past the receptionist and the they find out that you tricked them you will have an enemy within the company. I recommend explaining who you are and telling them how you will be able to help the company. If the receptionist refuses to let you through ask what is the best way to speak with CIO or whoever you are trying to talk with. Also try to learn the person’s name if you do not already have it. If the receptionist refuses to let you through call back a week or two later either early in the morning or late in the evening after the receptionist’s working hours. Someone always comes in early or stays late. When you get through ask for the extension of the person you are seeking. Then leave a voice mail for that person. Then follow-up with a short letter explaining how you can help the company with your services. Be sure to leave your business card in the letter too.

   10. Create a call list. You can purchase a call list from Info USA or Sales Genie. Both companies typically charge based on the quantity of prospects in the list.

   11. Try to make 10 calls a day initially. The first 30 calls might be awkward. Consistency is the key though.

   12. If someone yells at you or tells you off just say I am sorry for the inconvenience. I am calling you with a service that can help you. If you don’t want help then I will be sure to not contact you in the future. Do not engage in any type of argument. It takes two to argue. Worst case hang up. Be sure to make a few more calls immediately right after that so you do not think of the rude person. 

   13. Use Outlook Calendar to schedule call backs. Also when creating the reminder be sure to type in what was said during the conversation. You will be able to recall the conversation when you call back at a later time.

   14. This is my number one piece of advise. Have your script memorized, your call list ready and just DIG IN. Consistently calling everyday you will be planting seeds for future business growth.

   15. Also consider sending follow-up letters to prospects on a weekly basis.

I hope this helps you with your Cold Calling campaigns. Let me know if you have any questions. Just leave them in the comment box below.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.