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Google – Motorola –Apple – Microsoft – What Gives?

The news of the acquisition of Motorola by Google has been plastered all over the web today. This is exciting news because prior to the acquisition of Motorola Google was primarily in the software business. Developing Android OS software will only go so far before the hardware will have to be manipulated so Google has taken Apple’s lead in owning the hardware and software. This means at some point in the future Google will be producing custom smart phones that extend the current capabilities of Android phone hardware. I can only imagine Google’s creativeness combined with their own hardware manufacturer the kind of smart phones they will be producing. The implications of this acquisition are huge for a couple of reasons.

First, this means Apple will have to step up their game in the smart phone business. Apple typically holds back functionality, Face Time for example, with each version of their iPHone. To compete with Google Apple will have to get use to drinking from a fire hydrant and start releasing their phones with as many features as possible to compete with Google.

Second, where does this leave Microsoft and Blackberry? Microsoft operating systems for smart phones never really gained any traction in the marketplace. Blackberry seems to be living off their past success. They have attempted to catch up with Adroid and iPhone’s App World but let’s face it Blackberry’s App World sucks. The only thing Blackberry really has going for them is that they make nice smart phone hardware and they have the push email technology. I predict that Microsoft will purchase Blackberry so they can control the smart phone software and hardware just like Apple and Google. This is the only way Microsoft and Blackberry will be able to compete between the two powerhouses. Blackberry’s hardware combined with Microsoft’s software development community might actually be able to give Google and Apple some real competition.

For the record I have purchased and used an iPhone, Droid and Blackberry over the last few years. I like the apps on the iPhone and Droid but emailing and placing calls does not compare to Blackberry. Between Droid and iPhone I like the Droid more because it is far more customizable than an iPhone. Personally I like the Blackberry over the other two because of the way calls and emails are handled. I am constantly on the phone with vendors and clients. I have found that Apple and Droid require me to use two hands when making calls. Blackberry doesn’t and my emails come to me as soon as they are delivered to the email server. So for the ease of making calls and immediate email access I find that Blackberry is the best solution for me. In the end though, the ultimate winner is the consumer. We will have three main smart phone choices with all kinds of bells and whistles to choose from in the future. The next year or so will be very interesting to see what new technologies come to the market.

What are your thoughts about Google, Apple and Microsoft smart phones? Leave a comment below.

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