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Welcome to Understand IT Now!

The Understand IT Now website helps IT professionals work for themselves as independent IT consultants.  Whether you work in IT tech support, IT administration or any other area related to IT networking and have thought about working for yourself as an independent IT consultant this website will show you how. Although this website is geared around IT networking related pros computer programmers are welcome too.

Do you currently have concerns in your IT profession with some of the following?


  • You are over worked and overwhelmed.
  • You are undervalued.
  • You are under paid.
  • Concerned about layoffs.
  • Your contributions are NOT recognized or rewarded.
  • Management does not care about their employees.
  • Your boss doesn’t understand exactly what you do and therefore gives you unrealistic deadlines.
  • You get stuck working late nights and weekends a lot.
  • Tired of dealing a boss that has a huge ego.
  • Tired of being micro managed.
  • Tired of office politics.
  • You are assigned tasks that are not related to your profession.
  •  Tired of seeing people who do less work then you promoted because they kiss up to the boss.
  • You do NOT get enough time off.
  • You feel your future is limited.
  • Tired of work/life imbalance.
  • Raises and bonuses a frozen more often than not yet somehow senior management gets theirs.
  • Tired of bosses saying one thing and doing another.
  • Tired of dealing with too many bosses.
  • Warn out from having to deal with poor management.
  • Lack of growth and development opportunities.
  • Your employment expectations are NOT clear.



If you can relate to any number of the job related issues listed above I am here to tell you there is a better way. I have had to deal with all of the above issues at one time or another in my career. All the items listed above will always exist in business as long as there are people in them. All business has a distinct corporate culture with a degree of dysfunction however you can keep yourself removed from most of the corporate dysfunctional issues by working for yourself as an independent IT consultant. I have been able to keep myself removed from corporate drama, make more money and have a flexible work schedule that allows me to have a personal life.

Working for myself as an independent IT professional I have been able to enjoy the following:

  • I am able to stay away from corporate drama and various job related issues I listed above.
  • Higher pay than a full time corporate IT position.
  • More personal free time.
  • Enjoy job security by having numerous clients so that if you lose one you can simply replace the client with a new company.
  • If I need to make more money I find more clients or raise my billing rates which give me total control over my future.
  • I have a flexible work schedule that allows me to take days off whenever I want and allow me to run errands in the middle of the day without having to answer to anyone.
  • There is more exposure to a wide array of technologies and projects that help me grow as an IT professional.
  • I have the ability to work remotely with my customers so I do not have to travel as much.
  • Because my billing rate is high I am able to make more money and work fewer hours during the week giving me more or my personal time back so I can enjoy life more.
  • Have similar benefits such as health insurance and retirement accounts.

As long as you have an IT skills set and the ability to effectively communicate with people you too can work as an independent IT consultant. All that is left is to learn the steps for building your own IT business for long term success. Understand IT Now is dedicated to helping IT professionals build their IT business and help them keep it running for years to come. Learn all the steps for creating your business, building your brand, finding customers, selling to customers, keeping customers for repeat business and how to collect money from your customers. When I started out I no one to help me and I struggled. Eventually after a few years and a lot of costly mistakes I was able to make it happen. Going to work for yourself as IT consultant is scary, there no guarantees for successful business and there are many unknowns when getting started. You are do not have to do it alone though. The Understand IT Now community will help is in your corner and will help you figure it out. If you would like to be notified of various article updates from Understand IT Now signup for the mailing list by clicking here.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey to working as an independent IT consultant.

Tom S.