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How to Get Into Small Business IT Consulting


SMB IT Consulting

The opportunities for starting your own small business IT consulting practice is greater than ever. The majority of businesses in the world are small businesses which are commonly referred to as SMBs. The majority of small businesses lack in having a proper IT infrastructure. There is a wide array of IT related issues small business owners struggle with on a daily basis. Their IT issues will go on for months or even years because they do not have the time to address their issues. There is also a shortage of qualified IT professionals to service all the small businesses. This is a huge opportunity for IT professionals to build their own small business IT consulting practice. If you want to get into small business IT consulting follow this outline:

Develop Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Write down why want to start your business and frame it. Besides wanting to make money why do you want to a small business IT consulting practice? How are you going to make a difference in the SMB community?
  • Write down the revenue models you want to implement in your business. What types of small business IT services do you want to offer? Hardware service and maintenance or perhaps website design services. Write down as many types of services you think might want to offer the SMB community.
  • Develop your Servant mentality. If you want to have a successful business you must have a servant attitude. Whether you are an IT Freelancer or Consultant you must first realize you are a servant to the SMBs that hire you. Every time you work for a client always be striving to do your best to serve them. Write down the ways you can serve a client.


Create Your Sales Message

  • Defining Your IT Firm’s Core Competencies Form – write down three or four primary IT services you will provide. These items will be your primary IT service offerings.
  • Document client benefits for each of your Core Competencies – write down how your future clients will benefit from your IT consulting services. By documenting the benefits this will help you during the sales process.
  • Create your story – Develop a story about how you have helped companies with your IT skills. Talk about how you have saved time and/or money. Memorize this story so when you are in front of client you can tell them your story which helps you during the sales process.
  • Define Your Ideal Client – document the qualities of the types of people you want to work for as well as the industries you want to serve. This will save you a lot of time, money and frustration.

Create a budget – when starting your small business IT consulting practice you will need to estimate expenses for:

  • Domain name.
  • Website hosting.
  • Freelance fees if you need a developer or graphics designer
  • Business cards and brochures
  • Advertising fees print and online.

Make Your Business Legal

  • Determine what you will name your business.
  • Get a physical address first for mailing purposes through a 3rd party provider.
  • Fill out the incorporation paper work today.

Crete Your Marketing Materials

  • Define your USP – Unique Selling Proposition.
  • Create eBrochures that highlight your capabilities and how they help customers

Establish an Online Presence

  • Buy a domain name.
  • Find a host provider.
  • Build the website with a good content management system (CMS) like WordPress.
  • Create your Email address with your new domain.

Build Your Online Marketing Strategy

Create a Sales Landing Page that collects website visitor Email addresses.

  • Establish a Twitter account.
  • Establish a Facebook account.
  • Advertise on Facebook.
  • Advertise on Twitter.
  • Send out bi-monthly Email broadcasts to your subscribers.

Build Your Offline Marketing Strategy

  • Make a list of small business socials you can attend and meet new contacts.
  • Establish a mail marketing campaign.
  • Create a list of company names you like to contact. Set aside specific time periods each week and walk into the small business and introduce yourself.

If you follow the items outlined above you will be on your way to starting your own IT business. You must be clear about what your business brings to the table for your clients. Next setup your IT consulting practice properly by incorporating and getting a website so you can begin doing business in your area. Then develop your IT sales plan to find and win clients.

There is a shortage of professional IT support in the small business community. Businesses need people like you to help them. The time is right for you to start your own IT firm today!

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